xbox event program

The brief
The brief for Xbox was right up our alley – to push the boundaries of possibility for retail and consumer events. Xbox’s mission was to outplay their competitors at the EB Games and PAX shows in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane with a space that was interactive, immersive and highly addictive.

Our creative response
When it comes to branding, our game is strong. We treated the event as a massive stage, set with consoles and exclusive game titles, and decked out with Xbox’s bold green branding. For the keynote sessions, we created unique opening sequences based on some of Xbox’s most iconic games and characters, including Lara Croft and John Locke.

The result
During the conference days, 600 managers from ANZ enjoyed timed sessions on the stands. On public days, over 35,000 visitors were wowed by the Xbox experience. At Earl Brandspace, we believe memories are the most effective form of marketing. By creating a smart marketing strategy based around entertainment, the marketing for Xbox was virtually invisible.

Our role within the project
•  Reimagining global brand guidelines
•  Creative concept design and development
•  Drawings and material selection
•  Live event production

•  Graphic direction and print production
•  Comprehensive project management
•  Complete logistics and transport coordination
•  Set-up, pack-down and storage